Angela Lopez

Angela brings her love of God and fitness to every class. She believes in providing students with a complete mind, body, and spirit workout every time.

Angela’s high energy and passion make even the toughest workouts fun. Proper form is very important to Angela and she’ll keep a close eye on you whether you’re a beginner or a longtime client.

Angela is one of the original Lagree Fitness certified trainers personally selected and trained by Sebastien Lagree to carry on his work at West Hollywood studio over 14 years ago.

It is her obedience to God, drive, professionalism, work ethic, and compassion that make her the person she is today.

Angela’s highly contagious spirit of excellence, positive attitude, encouragement, extraordinary knowledge of the body and how it moves combined with her energy, enthusiasm, and creativity are what make her classes unique.

She places an ultra focus on attention to technique and detail while creating a most challenging class that results in achieving the optimum in spirituality, mental health, worship, honoring our temple, muscle definition, and flexibility: all yielding extremely impressive results.

With over 14 years of professional textured experience and successfully teaching across the nation, simply put, it makes sense to learn from the best of the best.

Fitness Healer
“I thought I was in good shape before, but Angela took me to another level.

This is hands down the best workout I’ve ever had!”